The best quirky Valentines Cards – you’ll love these!

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Does the thought of Valentines Day make you squirm slightly? Too many crap teddy bears and over-priced “Valentines” menus? I thought so. But you still want to tell someone they’re special without the pomp and expense? And with a bit of humour.

You need my top 5 best quirky Valentines cards for 2020. They are all brilliant and they’re all from independent designers and makers! Grab one of these and chips-a-deux on the way home and be forever worshipped!

5. Nessa Card from Thortful

You’re tidy and I means it. This fabulous card is avialable on Thortful by Bon Nouveau. I’ve a sneaking suspicion I might be getting this! Who doesn’t love Ness?!

Gavin and Stacey Valentines card

4. Socialist Valentine by Helena Tyce

I have to pick one of ours and it has to be our Socialist Valentine purely becuase I’ve been sending out over a hundred a day and I’m dreaming about them! If Valentines is all a bit much nod discreetly in it’s direction with this gem – words by the clever husband @rhymenoreason.

Socialist funny valentines card

3. Just my Cup of tea by Stormy Night

This Just My Cup of Tea card from Stormy Night at Curious Pancake is a beaut. I love the white printing on the recylced board and the cute cup has an Alice in Wonderland vibe.

Valentines card for tea lovers

2. Fond of your face by Sooshichacha

I’m proper fond of your face by Sooshichacha again, at Curious pancake comes in at number 2. It ticks all the boxes for me with it’s hand drawn font and naive painting style – cute beyond belief!

1. Look at my Phone by Emily McDowell

The top spot goes to this beauty by Emily McDowell, again at Curious Pancake. You know when you see something that you wished you’d thought of? This. Well done Emily I may have bagged this one for the love of my life (and fellow scroller).

So there you have it – a little round up of the best quirky Valentines cards out there. Minimum hearts and smush. Maximum “I get you” which after all, is what matters. And a lot of independent makers to connect with!

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