PMA & badly fitting sportswear

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Does anyone remember the cereal advert where Linford Christie rocks up at school to cheer on a youngster at sports day using “PMA” (positive mental attitude”)? Well, we met Linford a few weeks ago (cheesy pic below) and I can only say I think the PMA has rubbed off as the trainers have been dusted off and badly fitting lycra has been donned for a long overdue “run”.




What occured to me during said “run” (apart from the crippling stitch) was how people’s perception of you changes to a “fit” person. There was much kerfuffle amongst the dog walking posse and, of course, your own perception of yourself follows suit.

So as of today I am going to be a “fit” person and I thank PMA for that. I do running and although the children will still taunt me with “Jelly belly” every morning as I get dressed, it won’t be for long.

Of course, this happens every couple of months or so and nothing really comes of it but as we all know, along with PMA, another good way of attaining goals it to write them down. And share them. So I have and you can hold me to it and we’ll see what happens.

Better mental health is obviously a benefit of exercise and I’ve been thinking for a long time about how to support mums who are struggling and giving themselves a hard time about not doing a good job. Depression, post natal or otherwise, is compounded by the demands we place on ourselves as mums and I speak from experience here. Comparing ourselves with other mums and giving ourselves a hard time when the impossible balancing act goes pear shaped are all part of it along with the mummy guilt.

I have so many conversations with lovely mums who are doing a brilliant job and think they are failing in some way. The truth is there is too much to do. We can’t do it all and if we try to some bits will be, erm, patchy!

So I’ve been working for quite some time now on some positive message stuff for mums and I’d like to get it out there for Mother’s Day as an alternative to the saccharine sweet stuff on offer. And let’s hope that it helps in some way to make mums feel good about the job they are doing! As Roseanne Barr once said:

“I know how to do anything, I’m a mom”



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