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Where do our businesses come from? There have been lots of discussions at HTD HQ about this and it turns out (unsurprisingly) we’re on an emotional journey!

Business is often about our identity. Many of the women I know in business reclaim their identity when the dust of having tiny offspring settles and they can once again see clearly.

But do we communicate this crucial element of what we do to our customers? We all like to hear the story behind a product or service. It helps customers relate to us and our offerings and adds value too. We buy into emotion.

Think about IKEA. Does that fact that we know the name of the designer who created the ubiquitous “Malm” range add value? It sure does and it works wonders for the Scandi giants.

As a customer I love to hear a story – the inspiration, the process (partcularly if it’s hand crafted), and most importantly what makes that product exceptional and unique unlike anything else I can get my hands on.

So where is HTD coming from then? Well, I’ve always done things a little bit differently. Thank my Polish Dad for that – he never cared much for what people thought. Being “different” was always championed in our house – it was never an option to follow the crowd. And I guess when it comes to design I still don’t. I’m always pushing for something with an edge – somehting you won’t see anywhere else.

Music is also a huge inspiration. This came from growing up in Scunthorpe where there was little else to do apart from either play music in a band or watch (rock/alternative/indie) music. I love to include lyrics and poetry in the illustrations and a eclectic musical soundtrack is always playing in the studio.

Art and creating is my identity, not just a passtime. I’ve realised I have to do it to be happy. It makes me very, very happy and I hope it makes you happy too!


Oh, and here’s a picture of me (in the middle) doing things “differently” circa 1988…


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  1. Asche

    Fantastic blog Helena! And I think I know where the inspiration might have come from for the topic! It’s good to hear your story and learn more about the person behind the product x

    • Helena Tyce

      Thanks Asche – we’ve been talking about this quite a bit this weekend with friends so when your posts popped up I was all fired up! Thanks for reading – follow your instincts Asche and go for it! x

  2. ursula kelly

    I love it. Fab hair! I guess in answer to the above…..it can often be born out of a love of something – I decided to study Photography – 24 years ago! Now I can say I love what I do & I l do what I love. We are lucky huh? 🙂

    • Helena Tyce

      We really are Ursula and your photos are incredible. All that experience and talent shines through 🙂

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