On Being Strange

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People say I’m a bit strange ,me. Its a compliment now I’m the ripe old age of 44 and big enough to weather it. I still can’t relate to it though because I am (and always have been) just plain old me.




“Strange” is defined asunusual or surprising; difficult to understand or explain”. It might refer to David Bowie, Salvador Dali or maybe Vivienne Westwood and is about our identity and expression as much as anything. It’s about bucking the norm, whatever that might be, in favour of your ting.



“Salvador Dali” By Helena Tyce 1990

We seem to have to fit in more and more with this “norm” more and more these days. HIgh Streets have identical shops in where girls and boys with identical hair buy identical clothes. But problems can arise when we do something against the grain. Something unusual or surprising; difficult to understand or explain”. Is it OK to do things differently? To not “fit in”?

Mental health issues are on the up in young people and certainly fitting in and looking “right” has it’s role to play. (There has been a 68% increase in the number of young people being admitted to hospital because of self harm over the last 10 years.)* The pressure to shop in the right places, wear the right clothes and hang out with the right people is taking it’s toll.

So let’s shake it up shall we? Let’s start a Strange Revolution! I don’t mean purposefully be as odd as you can (but that’s cool too). But be who you want to be. If being you means being different then do it. Collect bugs, read poetry, listen to country music instead of Little Mix, dye you dog!



Do it differently, express yourself EMBRACE YOUR INNER STRANGE!

embrace your inner strange print low res“Embrace your Inner Strange” Print by Helena Tyce  www.helenatyce.com


Peace out x



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  1. Paula Sharratt

    Great thought: beautiful drawing and ingenious idea.

    Make the inside habitable and talk about it: conversations and ways to create jobs and training, homes and a reason to be alive instead of endless, competitive consumption?

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