Let Chore Wars Commence!

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BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour have taken a brave step in tackling the domestic battleground that is domestic harmony (or disharmony as is often the case). Is this relevant or even applicable in 2014. With half of all marriages now ending in divorce and inability to resolve “trivial” issues like domestic responsibilities I would say it is. Besides, it’s Radio 4 not Jeremy Kyle so it’s tackled with intelligence and humour with serious questions being raised about what has changed within the home since women got the chance to work.

Not many people would argue that women today are in an enviable position work-wise in comparison to previous generations of women. but how many of us take far too much on and still feel the domestic burden leaning heavily towards us despite working the same hours as our spouses with child care on top of that? And does this contribute to how many anti-depressants are prescribed to women every year?

Depression is more common in women than men. 1 in 4 women will require treatment for depression at some time, compared to 1 in 10 men (Mental Health Foundation, 2014). Are we just exhausting ourselves and using anti-depressants as a crutch to maintain an unrealistic lifestyle?

I welcome Chore Wars! Bring it on and lets see what the picture is across the UK and if it means we can talk more openly about who does what without the eggshells scenario then bravo BBC Radio 4 once again. Do the Chore Wars Calculator now and see how you fare. And let me know how you get on….

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