How to Keep Smiling

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Just pegging out the pants thinking what a lovely Easter it’s been…

We’ve done street parties, Easter eggs hunts, gigs, galleries & cycling. We’ve flown kites and made dens and sat out until late in the fading sunlight with blankies (my favorite bit). We’ve had a marvelously thrifty time!

IMG_8025        IMG_7996

Do the people around you make you smile? Sometimes yes and sometimes no? Some of us crave time alone and some of us would love to have more people in their lives and feel less lonely. Either way, I am guessing which ever we have we’d probably like a bit more of the other!

IMG_7898        IMG_7923



(Fantabulous photo by Tori Dunning)

Let’s ditch the “busy” briefly & make it a day of reaching out to people and creating a few smiles.

And something else that might make you smile…

Coconut Daiquiri

ounces cream of coconut (Coco Lopez brand, sweet and very thick, NOT coconut milk)
1 1⁄2
ounces sweetened lime juice
1 1⁄4
ounces light rum
1 1⁄2
cups ice

Shake, fine strain and guzzle. I mean sip delicately (obvs).


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  1. Gina Andrews

    Lovely blog post Helena! Just what I needed 🙂 wouldn’t say to the Coconut Daiquiri either! 😉 x

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