How many months have I been talking about

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How many months have I been talking about doing a follow up range for John Lewis? A-lot I hear you cough under your breath and fair enough it is taking me an age!

So I’ve signed myself up for a more structured brief with Lilla Rogers 

Lilla runs an illustration agency based in the USA and represents artists internationally so I’m really hoping this might be a great opportunity to get the designs liscensed and out there in a BIG way!
This is a competition for global talent so the competition will be stiff and I’ll be relying on FB votes etc if I am lucky enough to get through to the next round. So nows the time to pop over to the Facebook page and ping off a “like” if you will 🙂 Oh, and don’t feel shy to spread the word if you’re feeling in the mood for sharing 🙂
And if you need some cheer on a dreary Monday head over to Lilla’s page which is sure to give you inspiration 🙂

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