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Am I mad? I have just left a position with the Local Authority to pursue my own fledgling business. Secure? Yes. Salaried? Yes. lovely colleagues? Yes! I could have stayed there until I retired, merrily tripping in every day. But no – I have chosen the bonkers yet truly wonderful and rewarding life of earning my own crust. Bring it on.

OT & designer

So from now I am on my own – no security but the potential to take this thing as far as I want to push it which (given my work ethic) will be a fair distance. And I am feeling very lucky indeed to be doing something I love which fits around the tots. Oh and the dog.  She has kind of stopped talking to us recently – its been a tough few months walks-wise but she understands that daily morning walks are back on the agenda and has offered a conciliatory paw. The big furry fool 🙂

And if you are in Northern Ireland we have a couple of new stockists too.  The lovely “Off the Wall” in Portrush and “A Broader Picture” in Portstewart are both stocking a range of prints, cards and mini-totes. We may have to plan a wee stockist visit over the summer holidays as it looks gorgeous!


So it’s time to get a few new designs out there. Inspired as always by the tots I am guessing that the next lot may be that little bit more grown up. If there is anything in particuar you’d like to see in the range please get in touch at and I’ll see what I can do!

  1. Sharon Dawson

    Congratulations Helena. Really happy for you and the family, and also very happy for those of us who might get to experience more of your talents! Looking forward to seeing the new stuff…

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