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So here we are limping towards the Easter Holidays and if you don’t mind me saying, we is looking a little frazzled. Thank goodness Mother’s Day is just around the corner. The age old tradition where mums get to put ther feet up and have a well earned rest. Indeed, a quick stint on Mark Dennison’s morning show on BBC Radio Nottingham on Tuesday confirmed just this. Most of us don’t want presents but a lie in. We’re not really that interested in a spa day (we’re too skint paying nursery fees!) we’d just like a nice, long, guilt free hot bath without any pleas for bottom wiping while we’re in there!

However, out of the 4 school mums that I straw-polled this morning, 3 reported business as usual, nay, increased duties, on Mothers Day. One dad is heading off for a day-long bike ride, one is away for a stag weekend and one away on business (we totally get this one).

Low, mood, depression, burnout, exhaustion are familiar to many mums (myself included). We like to give and by nature there are always people (little ones) to think about before ourselves. So give yourself permission, and whether it’s Sunday or the Sunday after or the Sunday after that – take that bath, book in your lie-in, set down the terms (no bath time bowel action please) and enjoy a bit of time and space for yourself.

Let me know what you got up to and I’ll send off a “Home is where your mum is” mug to the most relaxed & guilt-free mum!





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