A bit blurred, a bit dark

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It’s fair to say that product photography has never been my strong point. Enter Diane Waby Photography who is doing a marvellous job of updating the product photos for Helena Tyce Designs. And not a minute too soon as this top 5 rogue shots demonstrates – I really do need professional help!…

5.Blurry Clock, circa 1996 didn’t win me many commissions. 


4. Jumbled ceramics on fabric (19


3. Close encounters of the print kind (circa 1995)


2. Blue baby grow and bib – a recent entry


1. Number 1 has to be badly lit blurred ceramics…




Hope that wasn’t too traumatic – no more photography nasties – I promise. Watch out for Diane’s lovely product photography appearing on the website and on Not on the High Street over the coming weeks.

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