The Power of Nature

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Exercise – love it or hate it we all need to do something. And up until recently we had lots of options both indoor and outdoor.

But with the closure of fitness classes, gyms and pools due to Covid 19 many of us are seeking new ways to keep fit.

Personally I’ve always been an outdoor kinda gal. I’m much happier jogging along the canal or swimming in a lake than I am confinded by the walls of the gym or pool. Here I am with the brilliant Jean from Cherrydidi after my first ever wild swim a few years ago.

It’s nature and being outside that gives me my kicks. So running and cycling are also on my hitlist when I need an endorphin high!

Indeed, studies have shown that spending time in nature (as long as we feel safe i.e no bears) can lower stress levels, increase self esteem, reduce anxiety and improve mood.

And being outside not only gets me moving – it inspires me artisically too. I’m lucky enough to partner up with actual real life husband, Steven Corbett (aka Rhymenoreason). Steve is a great wordsmith and is responsible for all of the poems on my work including these…

And lockdown has certainly created a need for people to be motivated in running, swimming and cycling. We get so many orders that are sent direct to the recipient with gift messages about keeping going or admiration about sporting achievements.

And it makes us very happy to think that we might be providing some inspiration to you guys!

But it’s also got me thinking about what next. I know we’ve all got out into nature a lot more over lockdown – often because there are no other options!

And nature is always a huge inspiration to me artistically.

So it seems like the right time to give it some proper attention. And the idea of getting out into nature and sketching will nurture me too at a time when I really need it. Art is intuitive and instinctive. Anything you see in the ranges comes (sometimes subconsciously) from my heart.

I’ve had some ideas for a while of what I’d like to create. I love a hare. And birds. And flowers. But of course there will be a twist and possibly some words or type.

What would you love to see? What artwork would cheer, motivate or nurture you on waking each morning?

I would to hear from you and let’s see where this takes us.

For now nature lovers x