Running during Lockdown

Hands up who’s running during lockdown? I thought so. Many of us have turned to running during the CoronaVirus outbreak even though studies have shown that our bodies are finding it harder during this outbreak.

This is due to stress and also because many poeple who usally run in groups or with others are having to go it alone.

It’s many years since I completed the Humber Half marathon with friend and allie Tracy Holmes. Coached by the super-human Barry Holmes (Tracy’s Dad and recent author of Over The Hill at 60).

Many times since then have I attempted Couch to 5k. There’s always some excuse. I’m a lazy devil really and much prefer a bag of Frazzles and a San Miguel in front of the tele.

But being at home during lockdown has meant extended periods of time with the husband – aka @rhymenoreason. He’s a good runner you see. He too enjoys a hig fat snack and a beer but first he’ll run.

He’s the brains behind the incredible “Run” poem (below):

run print motivational gift for a runner
run print motivational gift for a runner

Apparently having the company of another runner, coupled with a need to prove to myself that I wasn’t dying from the deadly respiratory illness sweeping the country was all I needed.

And somehow, within a small space of time, I’ve hit the 5k (see sweaty, post 5k photo below).

The Run poem has helped to inspire me no end. I think of myself re-charging my soul as I go – wonderful words.

My mood is definately better and I’m less grumpy and snappy. I see this as a massive win as a pre-menopausal woman holed up with husband and 2 kids!

So the fazzles and beers are atill happening but I feel a sense of delighted achievement at acheiving this unlikely lockdown running goal!

How is your running going during lockdown? What is motivating you on? I’d love to hear.