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Tyce’s Summer Art School


Tyce’s Summer Art School! 3rd – 7th August

Join us for a week of high quality, online art lessons during the summer holidays with Tyce’s Summer Art Club!

You’ll be guided through various techniques and methods through live tutorials.

There will be opportunities for feedback from an actual live artist with almost 30 years experience (me!).


Previous participants have loved getting creative and learning new skills in a supportive environment. Here’s what they’ve got to say:


“My children have really gained in confidence and are still creating every day!”

“Art Club has been such a wonderful experience – lovely to be in contact with such creative positivity”

“I’ll miss your videos so much and try to still do lot’s of art.”


Fill in the details and click to buy. You’ll be sent a private link to join the Art School Membership Group on Facebook which is where the tutorials will take place.

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Tyce’s Summer Art School – 3rd – 7th August

If you feel fearful about making or are lacking in confidence I’ll help you overcome these fears.

Tyce’s Summer Art School will run from the 3rd – 7th August 2020. Live tutorials will take place at 1.30pm Monday to Friday via a dedicated Facebook Page.

Not only will your kid/s be occupied for the time during the tutorial, they will also have work to get on with outside of art club.

Plus there’s a supportive and lovely Facebook group to be part of to share your creations and swap ideas with fellow artists!

The cost is just £25 for the week per family. So you can join in with the kids or you can get on with some jobs! It’s up to you!

Gain skills and confidence during our week long Summer Art Club!