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Personalised Dinosaur Cracker Kit


Fed up of seeing all that plastic tat end up in landfill? Me too. Join our revolution with our beautiful, personalised Dinosaur Cracker Kits!

You can put what you like inside – chocolates, a mini stamper, little dinosaurs, dino crayons, a finger puppet, a lottery ticket! T

The options are endless – but please – no tiny plastic combs (unless you’re a tiny mouse and will actually use it).


Clear selection

Name – cracker 1

Name – cracker 2

Name cracker 3

Name – cracker 4

Name – cracker 5

Name – cracker 6

Name – cracker 7

Name – cracker 8

Name – cracker 9

Name – cracker 10

Name – cracker 11

Name – cracker 12

Name Cracker 13

Name – cracker 14

Name – cracker 15


Ordering your personalised Dinosaur cracker kit is easy peasy.

Your cracker kit will come packed flat, boxed complete with instructions. Each kit will contain:

  • Crackers – professionally pre-cut and folded to make it easy for you to assemble – no glue or tape is needed.
  • Cracker snaps
  • Hats
  • Crap jokes
  • Ribbon lengths
  • Instructions

Each cracker will be personalised using a round sticker – please add your names to the boxes exactly as you’d like to see them on the crackers.

You can choose anywhere from 4 to 15 crackers so you’re not limited to your usual box of 6. If you’d like more please drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to oblige.

Our cracker kits come complete with cracker snaps, crap joke and a hat. All you need to do is choose a little gift to pop inside, put some time aside and enjoy a wee crafting afternoon while you make them up.

We also supply the lovely ribbon, pre-cut into length, for you to secure your cracker at either end.

Minimum order of 4 crackers. The crackers are made from responsibility sourced paper and can be recycled using curbside recycling.

Due to customs, cracker snaps cannot be sent outside the UK. Overseas orders will be sent without the snaps.






Additional information

Number of crackers

4 crackers, 5 crackers, 6 crackers, 7 crackers, 8 crackers, 9 crackers, 10 Crackers, 11 crackers, 12 crackers, 13 Crackers, 14 crackers, 15 crackers