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Lockdown Valentines Card


Cripes – what a year! Surely there has been some good to come out of all this Covid nonsense?
I guess if there is one thing we are doing it’s holding our loved ones closer. So we’ve written a verse about it. It reads:
This year’s been tough and it’s been hard,

Our bubble’s been battered and it’s been scarred,

We’ve faced stresses, taken the strain,

Through self-isolation and lockdown again.

But if there’s a lesson, from all we’ve faced,

It’s that there’s not one day to waste,

To remind those, whom we adore,

To hold them tighter, to love them more.

So a special message for this strange year,

One that’s heartfelt and sincere,

Sanitised, tested, deep and true,

Of just how much I LOVE, LOVE YOU!

We hope you love it and it that it will resonate with someone you love.

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A6 in size supplied with a recycled brown fleck envelope and NAKED! We try hard ot to use unecessary plastic so no cellos. We love our planet too much!

©HelenaTyce 2020
All rights reserved
Verse by @RhymeNorReason


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