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Brexit Valentines Card


Our hilariously clever Brexit Valentines card will make them laugh and think.

Mr C has penned a blinder here with his Brexit valentine. Absolutely topical, hilarious and clever – this should be on everyone’s mantelpiece this Valentine’s Day!


Our Brexit Valentines Card reads:


For you I’ll never Brexit.

Ours might be a complex thing,

But you should know I’ll never exit.

When it comes to you,

I’m a staunch remainer,

A let’s stay the samer.

I’m a customs union,

A free trade zone.

You give me your troubles

I’ll make them my own.

A single currency of different needs

but shared goals.

Of one love, around twin souls.

Issues we might have, its true,

But my votes always to be with you.

Words ©Steven Corbett 2018 – All rights reserved.

This brilliant verse has been finished off with 2 hand painted flags – the Union Jack and the European flag.


A6 in size. Printed on quality board in lovely bright vibrant colours.