running print - London Marathon - Manchester Marathon - gift for a runner
Personalised Women’s Running Print

Personalised Women's Running Print to motivate and inspire your favourite runner.

Whether for fitness, head space, or just to escape, this unique gift for a runner celebrates the irresistible pull to the pavement that re-charges the soul.

Personalise with name, race, date and race time in a choice of colours to mark a special race fixture or occasion. You can even choose the t-shirt colour which is brilliant if the runner is a member of a running club. If not just choose theirs or your favourite colour!

Add a frame in black, oak or white to make a personalised print that gives your runner something to be proud of.

A4 prints are mounted in off-white and frame is A3 size (29.7cm x42cm).

We use lightweight framing materials and perspex glazing which looks just like glass but is safer and less breakable in transit.

Made from:

Printed onto gorgeous heavy matt paper using light-fast inks to make colours stand out.


A4 size (approximately 21 x 29cm). A3 size (approximately 29.7 x 42cm)

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Run Print - Motivational gift for a runner
Run Print – Motivational gift for a runner
"Run"Motivational Print gift for marathon runners. Show your respect with our special print written by a runner for runners. "Sometimes you need to run To grab your trainers, your vest To leave the emails, the text What’s been before, What’s happening next Sometimes you need the pavement The park, the drizzle, the rain The sweat, the mud The wind and the pain Sometimes you need to run Not for a purpose or a goal But for the sound of your steps Re-charging your soul" The verse on this inspirational print has been penned by a runner for runners. It perfectly conveys the joy and benefits of taking yourself off for a trot be it hill running or chat and jog with chums. Taken from an original by Helena which was created using lino print, mono print and collage, this print is brand new for 2017 and as such features a fresh, green palette.  
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