Bike poem gift for a cycler
Cycle Poem Notebook – gift for a cyclist
This Cycle Poem Notebook makes an ideal gift for a cyclist A place to plan and record whether it's a quick once around the block or a full mountain trek! It features the inspirational cycling poem by Steven Corbett.    
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cycling gift print
Cycling Print – gift for a cyclist
Cycling Print - gift for a cyclist This fantastic poem has been written by our very own Mr C - himself a cycler. I think you'll agree that it captures the thrill of the hill perfectly (see what I did there? That's why I stick to the pictures!) Ride the winter out, ride the summer back, Every dual carriage-way, every single track. Ride for wind in your face, the sun on your back. For the hum of rubber, on a smooth tarmac.   Ride away the commute, the long working week. The voice that says, ‘I can’t be bothered this week.’ Why say ‘it’s a hobby’ when you know it’s a need. So work through the gears and crank up the speed.   Ride for the calm that comes with a one track mind. With another route conquered, another hill climbed.    
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Keswick Pennant Activities Print
Keswick Pennant Activities Print
We've done a twist on the old pennant flag here illustrated with all the activities you can get up to in Keswick. In a gorgeous, slightly vintage colour palette this print makes a super Father's Day or Birthday Gift.  
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