Dads and Dogs Father's Day Card
Dads and Dogs Father’s Day Card
Dogs love their Dads so we've created a Dads and Dogs Father's Day Card to celebrate! It goes a little bit like this... Here’s to the Dads… and their dogs To those early morning risers, Crack of dawn dog exercisers. To those pavement pounders The twice park a-rounders Here’s to keeping each other sane In the sun and in the rain To pausing all the anarchy In wordless, walking, harmony To the runs the walks and plods Here’s to the Dads... and their Dogs We think it sums up the Dad and dog relationahipo perfectly and make a brilliant Father's Day card too!
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Dogfather Father’s Day Card for dog lovers
A super cute Father's Day for the dog lover with a cheeky film reference! Featuring our cheeky cockapoo our Father's Day card is a must for Dads who love their dogs.
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