walking gift - walking coaster
Walking Poem Coaster
Words by Mr C, images by Helena. "For us it's a pint, a pie. Some early shut eye" is just one of the lines from this poem which I know a lot of you will relate to!
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Lake District Poem Print
Lake District Print
This wonderful Lake District Print has been created as a collaboration with Steven on words and Helena illustrating. It perfectly captures what it is about the Lake District that people love and return year in year out for. It makes the perfect Christmas gift for a friend, husband or wife and will spark many a happy memories of time spent walking and drinking in the fresh air. The poem reads as follows:  

We got lost in those hills and lakes, so lost.


 Forgot who we were for those few days

Lost ourselves to the pubs and the people

To the wind rippled water, the wide open sky

Lost in the light and landscape

To the whispers and the rustle of the season

Marked time by the width of a meadow,

By early morning climbs and slow descents

 Gave ourselves up to its simplicity

Walked, talked, eat, and slept.

Had time to remember, little to forget

Found that silly side of ourselves again

Dreamers, schemers, post children in-betweeners

 Imagined we might get lost forever

 In this little part of heaven,

 And its changeable weather.

You and I, lost and forever

©Steven Corbett 2017 This wonderful poem is also available in coasters and notebooks. Please also see our full range of gifts for outdoor enthusiasts including gifts for runners, gifts for cyclists and gifts for swimmers.  
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Skiddaw Haiku Print - Lake District Print
Skiddaw Haiku Print – Lake District Print

Skiddaw Haiku Print - Lake District Print

Another addition to our Lake District range, this print is taken from a mixed media artwork by Helena which has been painted, printed and drawn into. The artwork is based around the Skiddaw Haiku, penned by @Rhymenoreason aka the husband. We love a collaboration! We love the colours in this pritnt - the way the sun  sweeps the top of the mountain versus the tranquil warmth at the bottom. We all know how different those two places can be in reality!    
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we walk hiking print - gift for a walking enthusiast
Walking Wall Art
Walking Wall Art - another belter of a poem courtesy of Steven Corbett - this time an ode to the joys of walking and hiking. Complimented by Helena's illustration - hand painted and mono-printed to create a stunning print perfect for walkers.  
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