Motivational Gifts

Give someone the gift of hope with a beautiful art print, coaster or card from our range.

All of these gifts have an inspirational message so whether it’s words of encouragement for a friend who is struggling or a little bit of empowerment for a child who is experiencing bullying we have something for you here.

children's wall art empowering poster for kids
Encouragement Card
Send some bravery through the post with our lovely encouragement card. Ideal for someone who is facing a challenge, great for kids starting a new school or grown ups starting a new job.
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personalised dinosaur children's wall art
Personalised Diplodocus Dinosaur Print

Personalised Diplodocus Dinosaur Print

This stunning dinosaur print is a must for little dinosaur lovers! In a beautiful colour palette, this print is taken from an original watercolour. It features Dippy, our adorable diplodocus. You can personalise your print not only with a name but with words of encouragement too. Our favourites are "Be Brave" "Be Fearless" "Always Be You" - you get the gist! This print is great for spreading encouragement. If you know a little person who is fighting their own battle - for example learning to take a few steps or learning to deal with their anger this can make a lovely gift. Just add your words of encouragement in the boxes and we'll do the rest. Please shout if you get stuck - email us at and we'll help you out. Our personalised diplodocus dinosaur print will look amazing in the nursery or a child's bedroom and is great for boys and girls.
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Rainbow journal gift for a friend
Rainbow Journal
A gorgeous, jolly rainbow journal for jotting hopes and dreams in. A place to plan and record whether it’s a quick scamper around the block or the full 10k! Our British-made eco-journal makes a brilliant secret santa or gift for everyone in your running club. Featuring striking rainbow images you'll want this journal with you where ever you go. Just the right size to slip into your bag.
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Be Brave Inspirational art print - Motivational wall art 1 , Home Decor, encouragement gift, Children's wall art, Inspirational Print
Be Bold Inspirational art print for children
An inspirational personalised children's print. Isn't this a message we should all be teaching our children on a daily basis? To be bold and to be unique and mostly to be yourself. And what better way than to have this little mantra on a gorgeous print so the little ones (and big ones) can see it and absorb it daily.
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relax nothing is under control print
Relax, Nothing is Under Control Print
We think this slightly Buddhist mantra is everything we need to get through the day! Complimented with a hand painted lotus flower in fresh greens and blues - the perfect stress buster and birthday gift.  
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Feet Up Kettle On Coaster
Feet Up Kettle On Coaster
A gorgeous Feet Up Kettle On coaster and makes the perfect Mother's Day gift. It will remind your Mum every day how much she means to you. This square, high gloss coaster features makes the perfect gift for Mum for Mother's Day or for birthdays. Taken from an original mixed media artwork in Helena's signature style using print, painting and hand pressed letters. We can gift wrap your coaster coaster/mug fro a small additional charge  
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relax card nothing is under control card
Relax, Nothing is Under Control Print Lotus Flower Card
Send someone positive vibes with this lovely lotus flower card. Featuring the words "relax, nothing is under control" it just about sums life up nicely!
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Wellness infographic
Wellness Print
Wellness Print - this little plan is available as a free download in support of #WorldMentalHealthDay Just right click on the image to save - you can then share it or print it out as a reminder and stick it on your fridge! You can even upload it as a screen saver or wallpaper for your devices as a regular reminder of how to stay well.
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Feet up Kettle on Print
Feet up Kettle on Print
A gorgeous contemporary art print that says it all.  
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perfectly imperfect Mum enamel pin badge
Perfectly Imperfect Mum Enamel Pin Badge
We're fed up of having to pretend to get everything right as Mums. we're not perfect and we're ashamed to admit it. In fact, we'll go one step further - we're proud to be a perfectly imperfect Mum and we'll wear a badge to show it! Not only that - we're also sending out a strong message to other Mum's that we don't expect them to be perfect either. Let's ditch the Mum guilt once and for all and be authentic! This is the perfect pin badge for you and wile you're there stock up on a few for friends Birthday gifts too!    
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"Variable" Enamel Pin Badge Card for variable moods/menopause/depression/anxiety/hormonal madness!
Variable Enamel Pin Badge for mood swings!
This "Variable" Enamel Pin Badge has been created by someone who has variable moods for people with variable moods! This is the perfect pin badge for you and wile you're there stock up on a few for friends Birthday gifts too! Let's face it we all have times when we are moody. And times when we are giddy. And times when we are both at the same time and have no ideas what is going on! Celebrate your variable moods (or warn others!) with our brand new enamel pin badge. Inspired by the old magnetic weather charts from the tele and created in a gorgeous gilt finish with turquoise and sunny yellow enamel.  
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