Gift for a cyclist notebook
Cycle Notebook – Gift for a Cyclist
This cycle notebook makes an ideal gift for a cyclist. A place to plan and record whether it's a quick pedal round the block or the full hill climb!
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Bike poem gift for a cycler
Cycle Poem Notebook – gift for a cyclist
This Cycle Poem Notebook makes an ideal gift for a cyclist A place to plan and record whether it's a quick once around the block or a full mountain trek! It features the inspirational cycling poem by Steven Corbett.    
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Rabbits Hugging Card
Rabbits Hugging Card
Supplied with a brown craft envelope and A6 in size. ©HelenaTyce2016
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Personalised DIY Christmas Cracker Kit
Running Notebook
This Running notebook makes an ideal gift for a runner. A place to plan and record whether it's a quick scamper around the block or the full 10k! It features the inspirational running poem by Steven Corbett:   Sometimes you need to run To grab your trainers, your shorts and vest To leave behind the emails and text
What’s been before, what’s happening next
Sometimes you need the hills, the lakes
the wind, the pain the footpaths and rain
To not wait for that shy and fickle sun.
Sometimes you just need to run
Not for a purpose or a goal
Just for the sound of your steps
Re-charging your soul   You may also like our Running Print, our Running card or one of our running coasters - all featuring the same inspirational running verse.    
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Socialist Mother's Day Card - Funny mother's day card
Socialist Mother’s Day Card – funny Mother’s Day card
Another corker - our Socialist Mother's Day Card comes oce again from the pens and brushes of husband and wife team me and 'im. With another brilliantly funny rhyme - this time about Mother's Day. Perfect for Mums who don't like too much smush.
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Walking Notebook - gift for a walker
Walking Notebook – gift for a walker
This Walking Notebook makes an ideal gift for a walker or hiker. A place to plan and record any trips up Scafel Pike or Snowden! A5 in size so big enough to record your jaunts but sleek enough to slip in your rucksack. This is also a lovely gift to send thorugh the post for a walking enthusiast.      
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Free Father's Day Planner for Kids - Helena Tyce Designs Freebie
Free Father’s Day Planner for Kids
We know Father's Day can feel a bit overly commercial. And we know really its about the lie in and the breakfast in bed! So I've designed a little sheet to help your kids plan a lovely Father's Day for Dad. Get them to quiz Dad (covertly or not so!) and find out what will make his day. Just right click on the image to save, print off and you're away! Best of all it's completely free. Please do not put an actual order through for this freebie - it's for you to download and print at home!
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perfectly imperfect Mum enamel pin badge
Perfectly Imperfect Mum Enamel Pin Badge
We're fed up of having to pretend to get everything right as Mums. we're not perfect and we're ashamed to admit it. In fact, we'll go one step further - we're proud to be a perfectly imperfect Mum and we'll wear a badge to show it! Not only that - we're also sending out a strong message to other Mum's that we don't expect them to be perfect either. Let's ditch the Mum guilt once and for all and be authentic! This is the perfect pin badge for you and wile you're there stock up on a few for friends Birthday gifts too!    
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Men's bike t-shirt - gift for a cyclist
Bike T-shirt
A contemporary bike t shirt in 100% organic cotton. This bike t-shirt is unisex but has been a huge hit with the men folk. Great to throw on to walk the dog, do the school run and looks equally good under a casual jacket for a few jars down the local! Of course, it makes the perfect men's cycling gift. Customers have liked that it is a little abstract and different and we have to agree. It's also ethically produced and has a low carbon footprint so we can feel extra good about buying and wearing it.
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London Gift Wrap
London Gift Wrap
Two sheets of gorgeous London gift wrap and two matching tags. Every birthday boys dream! Gorgeous children's wrapping paper featuring the iconic Routemaster bus, Big Ben and a smart Queen's Guard. Comes complete with two matching tags to finish your gift off in style. For trade customers - this gift wrap comes in packs of 20 sheets. Please order gift tags seperately.
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