National Poetry Day & 20% off Poetry products!

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It’s National Poetry Day today! And we’re celebrating by offering 20% off all poetry products until Sunday! Click here to view the range.

Open swimming print
Swim Poem Print

My Dad taught me a love of poems at an early age. I was rasied on Lewis Carol and Michale Rosen. When I got older he Introduced me to his favourites – Wordwsorth & Keates. And of course at that time I was heavily into the Smith so this was seriously good news for my 15 year old self!

Passport pic of 15 year old me – lordy what would we have done for straighteners?!

And Dad was proud to know that his love of poetry had not passed down to me but to the kids too. And also proud that I met and married a man with writing talent.

Poetry can be funny like my childhood favourite – Alfred and the Lion by Marriot Edgar which you can read here.

And, of course, they can carry a great deal of emotional weight like “The Malarkey” by Helen Dunmore.

And poetry has slowly snuck into the ranges here at Helena Tyce as the talented husband AKA Mr Corbett writes them and chucks them in my direction to illustrate. And he writes about things that we’re both passionate about like the Lake District and swimming so it’s tricky not to honour them with an illustration.

Lake District Poem Print
Lake District Poem Print – words by Steven Corbett

When I first read Lost in the Lakes (above) I actually shed a tear – it’s very beautifully written.

Run print - gift for a runner
Run Poem Print – words by Steven Corbett

And our best selling “Run” poem print certainly help to inspire a fair few of you to keep sprinting/jogging/shuffling!

Poetry and verse have the ability to really resonate in a way that prose or just pictures alone cannot. That’s why the poetry is there. Sometimes there is a need for something purely aesthetic. And sometimes there is need for a little more. Something with emotional weight and deeper meaning.

Brexit  Card - funny Valentine card
Brexit card – not feeling so “funny” at the moment

And sometimes we need something to make us smile, like our Brexit Valentines Card.

If you fancy getting a bit more poetry into your life on National Poetry Day then click here to grab 20% off anything in our poetry range. Just use code “inspire” at the chcekout and you’ll be good to go!

Happy National Poetry Day y’all! Drop me a comment in with your favourites!

H x

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