Hello Yellow – Young People’s Mental Health

Today is Hello Yellow Time to don what ever yellow you’ve got and donate or fund raise for Young Minds – the charity for Young Poeple’s mental health.

Kids mental health has suffered immensely under lockdown and continues to. Loneliness, issues with friends, volatile home environments, excessive screen time and social media have and are having a devestating effect. Services are stretched and charities like Young Minds are working tirelessless to support young people, parents and carers to just get through.  

If you feel you can donate anything please do – they are an incredible resource.

I’ve created a freebie too – a kids wellness chart -a little reminder of the good stuff. Print it off and get your kids to add their own good stuff to it. Then choose one a day.

How have your kids fared over lockdown? I know there are a lot od kids struggling out there – my own included. And I know that creating a chart won’t solve those struggles but it it’s one step closer to a more healthy mind then I will try anything!

We’re going for a mindfulness challenge withe the Calm app. Apparently Harry Styles is on it and Moby is too doing some lovely sleep music.

On a musical note I’ve also been enjoying Stuart from Belle and Sebastian’s 1.30pm mindfulness sessions on Facebook.!

Let me know how you’re getting on and what wellness activities you’ve found helpful.

And always, take lots of care of each other,

Helena x