I love working with businesses to help them tell their story and grab the audience’s attention!

I specialise in creating hand-drawn, eye-catching illustrations to create connection between yourself and your customers.

“What sort of thing?” I hear you holler!

Check out my portfolio here for examples.

With 20 years of experience I’ve learnt the importance of staying in touch throughout the design process to ensure you’re nothing but delighted with your new illustrations.


I aim to make illustration available to every budget so I offer three levels of service to suit different pockets:

  • The Diddy – the most economical of the bunch these illustrations use my existing illustrations to convery your messages. If your business is wellbeing/health/children based this may well work for you.
  • The Doddy your mid-way option is a mixture of some of my existing illustrations with new imagery chosen by yourself (RIP Ken Dodd).
  • The full Dudey – all beautiful new illustrations woven together in true Tycey style to uniquely communicate your business message. The Dude!

Let me help you communicate what it is that’s unique about your business.

Contact me now to book a complimentary 15 minute consultation.