Running notebook gift for a runner

Well done – you’ve stumbled across some of the nicest, most ethical and intelligent gifts for runners !

What does running mean to you? Or your running group? It can be hard to describe why it’s your lifeline but luckily you don’t need to as our resident poet (and husband!) has done it for us with this incredible verse:

Sometimes you need to run
To grab your trainers, your vest
To leave the emails, the text
What’s been before,
What’s happening next
Sometimes you need the pavement
The park, the drizzle, the rain
The sweat, the mud
The wind and the pain
Sometimes you need to run
Not for a purpose or a goal
But for the sound of your steps
Re-charging your soul

©Steven Corbett 2016 All Rights Reserved

Steven’s verse has been has resontated so strongly with so many runners that we’ve put together a range of gifts for runners. Our gifts, each featuring the verse, give you the chance to buy a really meaningful and inspiring gift for a loved one or friend. Or for yourself of course.

running print gift for a runner

Running for our physical and mental health has become a modern day phenomenon. But it’s not always easy to feel motivated so we’re hoping these gifts for runners will provide some motivation!

Run coaster gift for a running enthusiast

We’ve got run gifts for all budgets and a range of run cards to complement it all or just gee someone along. Why not treat everyone in your running group to one of our coasters. And they make a great Secret Santa or stocking filler too.

So keep running and keep inspiring your running buddies with some little bits of encouragement along the way. Click here to shop the full run range.