World Book Day – Share a story of art

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I love this years’ World Book Day theme ‘Share a Story’. And I’ve decided to share the stories of my art.

Because stories are very important to me. I’m a nostalgic old fool and a lover of words – can you see this in the art I create?

Take the nursery rhyme range which was created back around 2011. My littlest was 3 years old and out home was filled with gibbering and talking and singing. And nursery rhymes were a big part of this. So it made perfect sense to create a collection of illustrations based around this. Traditional rhymes brought bang up to date with a little twist!

Iris aged about 3 getting stuck into Gerald the Giraffe!

I was lucky enough to have John Lewis stock them for a while too so they reached out far and wide!

These prints hung in our nursery and in the kitchen diner for several years, serving Louis too when he came along. When ever the kids saw them they we’re inspired to 1) read the words and 2) start singing! And this is what I hope the prints continue to do today.

As the kids grew older we progressed onto poetry and classics and so pieces like the Owl & the Pussycat and Swallows and Amazon’s were born. Again, always illustrations with words telling a story.

Moving forward I started to collaborate with talented husband Steven Corbett who writes some pretty good stories and poems. And new ranges, based on activities that were meaningful to us as a family emerged.

Up a hill in the Lake District – our happy family place!

So what’s next in sharing stories? I’m working on the dinosaurs at the moment who will come roaring onto the pages soon! As always they will have their own stories which we hope will make you smile and, as always, carry some valuable messages.

One story I’ve never fully shared is that of my wonderful Dad. His amazing life deserves a book all of its own and one day I’ll do this. I’ll share his dramatic escape from Warsaw during the 2nd a World War, his epic journey on foot to Gdańsk in the snow and his years as a heroic fighter pilot in 300 Squadron in the Polish Air Force. And I’ll bring it to life with my illustrations too. This is a big goal of mine.

What story would you share? Sometimes it takes a great deal of bravery like the lively Claire Elizabeth’s post this week. What’s your story and why would you tell it?