Why Dogs love their Dads

Why do Dogs love their Dads so much? Our labrador, Maisie, was 15 last week. That’s 105 years old in human years so quite an achievement for the old gal.

Here she is having a good sniff on a recent walk. In fact she’s been having some excellent walks during lockdown. Which made me think – are dogs the only ones whose lives have been improved by Coronavirus? The extended walks, the extra cuddles and company.

All of our lives have changed over the past three months but perhaps more so for Dads. Certainly in our family we are seeing much, much more of this usually elusive member of the family. He usually commutes for at least 3 hours a day so to have him around has been a blessing. Not least for the sharing of the dog walking that’s happening – is this why dogs love their dads so much?

If you need evidence head over to the wonderful Twitter account of Andrew Cotter, sports journalist. Devoid of any work he’s take to filming his two dogs Olive and Mabel up to their usual antics but with a hilarious voice over.

Dads love their dogs. So we thought it needed a poem. Here it is:

Here’s to the Dads… and their dogs
To those early morning risers,
Crack of dawn dog exercisers.
To those pavement pounders
The twice park a-rounders
Here’s to keeping each other sane
In the sun and in the rain
To pausing all the anarchy
In wordless, walking, harmony
To the runs the walks and plods
Here’s to the Dads… and their Dogs

©Steve Corbett

We know that the dog walk for you guys is much more than just a walk. And we don’t mind when we find you nuzzled up together on the sofa. Or that we do all the feeding but you get all the unconditional love. Or that they think you’re head of the pack. We get it (and we know the truth).

So here’s to the Dads and their Dogs!

We’ve made this poem into a card which is ideal for Father’s Day. You can find it here along with our full Father’s Day range of ethically produced cards and gifts.

And finally – one last photo. The poem pays tribute to my amazing Dad whose dogs got him through many a thing including PTSD after World War II. Thank you dogs.


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