Why Connection is Everything

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Why Connection is Everything

As you’ll probably know its Father’s Day soon and I’m in a seasonal business with peaks and troughs around gifting occasions. Father’s Day is always huge for us maybe because we have an awesome Daddy role model living right here in the house. This makes it easy to create thoughtful, personalised gifts because we’re inspired by him every day. Until recently I had my own awesome Daddy to inspire me too and even though he’s no longer physically here he continues to do that every single day.

Me (on the right) with my lovely Daddy and Sis


What I love about Father’s Day, and the other gifting occasions, is the connection I get with you guys – the customers. And this is very genuine. I absolutely love people and I absolutely love a bit of connection!

How on earth does that happen? You’re just making cards and stuff Tyce! Well, every order means something to us because we’re not a massive multi national. We do actually do a happy dance when the orders come in and we are happy to go the extra mile when it comes to making your order extra special.

Isn’t that connection that we get from other people, the feeling that someone else understands where we’re coming from or has (or is) in our shoes what gets us though the day?

It’s a privilege really. On a daily basis customers impart personal information in return for me making a special gift that will delight the recipient. Doesn’t it feel amazing when someone takes the time to go the extra mile? This week I’ve learnt that someone has an Uncle who teaches them wrestling (brilliant) because they bought one of these cards:


Father's Day gifts, Gifts Nottingham

How chuffed will he be when he opens this?!


I also learnt that someone’s favourite Daddy song is also one of my favourite songs – Stand on the Word – Joubert Singers (have a listen – it’s a joyous number!) because they bought the Daddy of their kids this print and that was one of their songs:


Personalised Vinyl Music Print - Father's Day gift for Dad                                  Father's Day gifts, Gifts Nottingham


And I get to know lots about people through painting peggies. This is probably one of the biggest privileges of doing this job because stuff that’s shared with me is often very personal and sensitive. And again its about connection. I hope that I’m enabling people to gift thoughtfully. That people have an idea and they choose me to enable them to express that thoughtfulness or individuality.



Thank you for having me do this – it genuinely is my favourite part of the job. If you know someone who’s had a baby, or needs cheering up or is getting married, or having a birthday have a look and see what we’ve got on offer over on the website. or pop into the studio in Sneinton. And if you can’t see what you’re looking for – make that connection – helenatycedesigns@gmail.com or pop into the studio at Sneinton and we’ll see what we can do. Let’s connect.

Helena x

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  1. Katy

    I absolutely love this blog and it is so true. It’s always the little personal touches that make the difference no matter what you do. Hope to see you soon. x

    • Helena Tyce

      Thank you Katy – so lovely of you to take the time to comment. Yes – hope to see you soon too x

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