What Does Valentine’s Day Mean to You?

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What does Valentine’s Day Mean to you?

Valentine’s day hey? It’s all got a bit big and commercialised hasn’t it? If I was feeling cynical maybe I’d suggest that it’s just a way to eek more money out of us. And it some ways it is.


We don’t have to buy heart shaped helium balloons or pay double for 12 stems of roses do we? No of course we don’t.

But will we buy a Valentines card? Yes we probably will because we all know someone who deserves to be told “I love you” or “You mean a lot to me”? Who are these people then? Your significant other? Tick. The dog? Apparently. But what about lovely friends? What about your Mum or a treasured relative who’s been having a tough time?

For me Valentines Day is about much more that just that one card. For Mr TyceBert I’ll be getting a card that not only says “I Love You” (because I really do) but also “I get you” which to me is as important.


And who doesn’t need this kind of reassurance in life? There’s no point in us just thinking these lovely thoughts! Make a point of reaching out today and telling someone what they mean to you. That you appreciate them. Or they’ve done a good job of something. Or maybe tell them you love them. But only if you do love them, you could get yourself (and me) into all sorts of bother otherwise!

Valentines Day to me is about love and because there’s a handful of people who I think the world of I’ll be using this opportunity to make sure they know. And there are lots of suitable cards out there to help me convey that message.

Who can you send an extra card to this year to show you cherish them?

H x

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