The Big Pedal – Are you in?

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The 25th March – 5th April sees the Big Pedal Return to our schools. It’s an opportunity to bike, scoot, walk – what ever you fancy – to school and back. Instead of getting in the car.

A little mono- printed bike by me!

We’re fans of a bike ride here in the Tycebert household and now the weather is getting bit better we’ll be out four-fold once again. And we both comment to work for several reasons:

  1. It’s good for us. A team form the University of Glasgow found that doing your daily commute by bike can half your risk of cancer and heart disease. That’s reason enough surely?! And what we’ve found is that we’re far more likely to hop on our bike to go to the shops or into town too now that it’s a daily habit.
  2. It’s green! We’re a one car family (somehow) and we like our planet way too much as it is to risk polluting it more than we really need to. This is in no way preachy – I realise this isn’t practical for everyone! And while we’re on this topic, have you watched the amazing film “Beasts of the Southern Wild”? No? Check out the trailer – it is amazing.
  3. It’s fun! The wind in your gills is exhilarating!
  4. It’s free! I save a fortune on bus fares!
  5. It’s fast – especially when rush hour traffic is at a standstill!

So will you be joining the big pedal? For some people this is just not possible is it? We live too far away? Well how about avoiding the madness that is parking near school and park a few streets away to enjoy a wee pre-school walk or scoot? That could work! If you’re not convinced there are daily prizes to be won and all sorts of resources over on the website. I’ll leave it with you!

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