My top 5 Lake District Places to Visit

As a family we love being outdoors – it’s our favourite place to be. And one of our favourite outdoor places is the Lake District. For us it makes the perfect holiday with walking, climbing, open water swimming, kayaking, good food and fresh air.

The Lake District has also been inspiration for quite a range of work with poems from my husband, Steven Corbett. And I’m lucky enough to have a couple of wonderful stockists up there too. The marvellous Cherrydidi in Keswick and Ambleside.

These are my top 5 lake district places and why:

  • Tarn Hows – an absolutely beautiful tarn (which I’m sure you know is a small mountain lake) nestled a couple of kilometers northeast of Consiton. I remember seeing Tarn Hows for the first time ever as a kid and not being able to believe it’s beauty and tranquility. OK, millions of people visit every year so it might not be as tranquil these days but you can still find a little spot to have your own quiet moment. And yes I’ve got my tongue out. And yes I’m doing “Rock on Tommy”.
  • Scafel Pike. The highest mountain in England and, 30 years ago, the scene of 3 children under 12 and an adventurous Dad lying on their fronts, clinging to each other in a blizzard trying not to get blown off the side. Yes we we’re well prepared and thankfully my best friend’s Dad knew what he was doing. And of course we got down safely. But it’s always been a constant reminder about the environment up a hill or mountain. Never be fooled by sun at the summit! The inspirational Dad in question still runs (yes RUNS) up these mountains and he’s in his 60’s He’s also written and illustrated a rather marvellous book called “Over the Hill at 60 Something” and was also the inspiration behind me following a creative career!
  • Grizedale Forest. Our family loved a walk when I was little. A long walk. Preferably a walk where we got lost. And it was raining. And there were bulls. But no worries – we had Dad. And Dad had managed to find his way from Warsaw to Gdansk in the snow during the World War Two so we had nothing to be frightened about in Grizedale Forest. True Dad, found a tree, lit a fag (somehow still dry in the torrential rain) and had a little Hamlet moment. And found us a way home. Our “Lost in the Lakes” print makes me think of our adventure.
Lake District Poem Print
Lake District Poem Print


Even in the height of summer you can usually find a little nook of beach along Wastwater. It’s the deepest lake in the Lake District so if you’re worried about fishes and creatures you may have to skip this one! That said it’s perfect for swimming and kayaking and just hanging out.

The Tycebert crew afloat on Wastwater!

Derwent Water

Another childhood haunt, the scene of my first ever open water swim and right next to the wonderful Cherrydidi Keswick – need I say more?!

So there we have it – my favourite places in the Lake District the visit! There is still time to visit and catch some late summer sun and if not treat yourself to one of the prints as a lovely reminder!