How to take the stress out of thoughtful gifting

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How to take the stress out of thoughtful gifting

One of our big passions here at HTD is making life easier. We know that life is completely nuts for most of you. Which plates are you spinning today? Work and kids maybe? Running a house (this is not gender specific by the way) looking after elderly parents? Being a carer? Let alone your own needs.


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I get this. This is me and this is how I roll. There are never enough hours in the day. But I still want people to know that I’ve remembered that it’s their birthday and that I care enough to find something suitable that fits who they are as a person. Or that they’ve got a big challenge coming up (exams for examples) a joyous occasion like a wedding or something a bit more shitty like a divorce. Or perhaps we just want to say “hello” or “thank you”.

So we want to make this easy for you. If I’m honest, we are at our happiest when we can pop our super pants on over the top of our trousers and help people out with a gifting dilemma. Nothing makes us smile more.

Here’s an example. Yesterday a lovey lady came into the studio with her grandson. She browsed the cards for a long while and we got chatting. She told me that her daughter hadn’t had a great relationship with Dad but had met another man who was just awesome. He was a brilliant Daddy and partner and had helped them through some very challenging times. She wanted to get her grandson a card which meant something as opposed to a generic “Father’s Day” or even “Stepfather” card.

So I quickly re-jigged  and printed out our best selling Daddy Hugs card while she waited and now on Father’s Day that little fella and his mum can say “thank you, we love you” in a really meaningful way.

Daddy Hugs Mug - Father's Day Gift - Daddy Mug - Daddy Bear - Daddy Bear mug - Bears - Bear hugs

So in a wonderful chain of happiness giving Grandma feels great because she’s found something really personal, Mum will feel happy that a) she has one less job and b) her Mum was so thoughtful to think of her, the little fella has a great card to gift and the Stepdaddy in question will know that he is thought about and loved.

This, like I say, makes us very happy indeed. And it cost £3.95. It’ more about the thought that goes into these things that the size of the gift isn’t it?

So here’s my top tips for making thoughtful gifting easier for you:

  1. If you’re in a hurry but don’t want to miss that birthday you can get all of our products and cards sent direct to the recipient. Just fill out their address in the “Delivery” bit.
  2. Send a gift note with your order – just add a note in the box that you’d like us to do this and we’ll pop one in for you (see below).



3) Get your gift wrapped – quite a few of our products have a gift wrap option – just choose this when you order and we’ll beautifully wrap your gift for you for a small charge.


gift wrap, Helena Tyce Designs

4) Ask us! We can’t always get everything on the website and sometimes you guys have the best ideas so please talk to us. If you love a card but would like different wording we may well be able to do it. If you want to add a name or other personalisation just shout. We love hearing from you.

This post has got me thinking about all sorts of things that we could do to help you guys gift thoughtfully. And having a crazy creative brain like mine means I’ve got all sorts of ideas firing off right now. Watch this space and don’t forget to check out what’s new on the website.

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