Free Gift Planner for 2020!

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Happy New Year! I’m kicking it off with a freebie which I hope will be helpful.

I always start the year with some intentions. Little tweaks and changes and just a handful so as not to feel dissapointed when they might not happen!

And this year I’m determined to be more organised and conscious with gifts. I constantly see things that I think are perfect for people I know and then forget them! I then kick myself because they are an independent or local business that I actively want to support and buy from.

So I’ve made a little 12 month gift planner for myself so I can note these gifts and makers down and be prepared when the time comes to buy.

Gift planner 2020

Now I’m an old fashioned soul so it’s a printable. Here’s what to do:

  1. Print out (it’ll be in use for 12 months and can be recycled when you’re done).
  2. Stick on fridge (or if you have small people keep it somewhere safe and hidden – you don’t want to give the game away!)
  3. Grab a cuppa and get to work….spend half and hour jotting all the events like birthdays and anniversaries into each month.
  4. Now list any makers, local businesses and independents you like to buy from
  5. Lastly join the names up with the gift ideas! With a specific product or just with the maker or shop. And don’t forget that lots of makers have gift vouchers too – give them a shout to see if they do.
  6. Don’t forget to put yourself on the list! I’ll be putting Hannah Turner Ceramics, LuLuB, and a chocolate workshop at Luisa’s Vegan Chocolates on mine! Plus a print or two from Nottingham Contemporary.
  7. We are probably getting a little tired of seeing the usual “gifting occasions” popping up and the same old same old on offer. But it is an opportunity to show you care with a little thought. If you don’t think much of Valentines for example search out a card that fits the bill like our Socialist Valentines card (below).
Alternative valentines card - socialist valentines
Alternative valentines card – socialist valentines

There. Easy peasy. Now all you need to do is keep an eye on it each month and get ordering or shopping. I know it will help me to shop the brands and independents that I love. I know that they will appreciate it and the recipients will get gorgeous gifts so everyone in happy!

Have a great Thursday folks and please leave a comment about who your favourite independents are – I love to be inspired!

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