A Poem for the Easter Holidays

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A Poem for the Easter Holidays

One of the joys of having your own business is the flexibility. Easter holidays at HTD HQ is having lots of bonkers fun and squeezing work around the tots. It’s not without its challenges though – its easy to feel you’re not really doing a very good job of either being a Mum or running your business. And its easy for work to take over when really what counts are the moments.


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My lovely Dad who sadly passed away in January knew the true value of this. The times he would just sit and watch, truly engaged with every little move baby Louis or toddler Iris made. Truly focussed on that moment. Fully aware that that was all that mattered.


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Helen Dunmore sums this up in her poem “The Malarkey”. Enjoy every minute of it…


Why did you tell them to be quiet
and sit up straight until you came back?
The malarkey would have led you to them.

You go from one parked car to another
and peer through the misted windows
before checking the registration.

Your pocket bulges. You’ve bought them sweets
but the mist is on the inside of the windows.
How many children are breathing?

The malarkey’s over in the back of the car.
The day is over outside the windows.
No street light has come on.

You fed them cockles soused in vinegar,
you took them on the machines.
You looked away just once.

You looked away just once
as you leaned on the chip-shop counter,
and forty years were gone.

You have been telling them for ever
Stop that malarkey in the back there!
Now they have gone and done it.
Is that mist, or water with breath in it?


Don’t stop the Malarkey! It will be over soon enough.

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