5 reasons why we ditched our mugs

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5 reasons why we ditched our mugs

A socially responsible business is one that seeks to leverage business for a more just and sustainable world. For us it’s about not causing harm with our processes or use of materials. And when it came to our mugs we realised that we couldn’t be sure.


fair trade, ethical fashion.


So we drilled down a little more and decided the following:


  1. We don’t want people to be harmed for our mugs

We need to feel as confident as possible that the people who supply us are treated fairly and work in safe conditions, where ever in the world they are.  We can’t however, be sure that our mugs are ethically made and that doesn’t make us happy or sit well within our brand philosophy. We do source the majority of supplies and goods from within the UK which we’re pretty pleased about.


2. We don’t want any creatures to be harmed for our mugs

One big aim we have at HTD is to reduce our packaging consumption, particularly plastics. Mugs are breakable and therefore need a few layers of protection which means cardboard and plastic in the form of bubble wrap. Then further plastic in the form of  bag to send them out in. So we reviewed our offering and realised that if we stuck to flatter items we could mainly package in recycled cardboard! That’s a definite win and might also mean that we’re not contributing to those photos of the seahorse swimming around hanging onto a cotton bud. Or something. (Google it, it’s an amazing photo).


cute seal

This guy doesn’t need bubble wrapping!


3. We Don’t want the planet to be harmed for our mugs

So the mugs have to travel all the way from China. I really wish they didn’t because that’s a pretty big carbon footprint. That said we drive a diesel car (only for long journeys – we cycle and train it to work every day). I trained in Surface Pattern Design at Staffs Uni (in the heart of the Potteries) and plans are afoot to source ceramics from here. Not only will our carbon footprint be reduced but hopefully we’ll be helping to keep Potteries workers in jobs too. Hurrah!


4. We want heirloom not landfill 

We’re feeling a big pull away from the stack-it-high culture of Primarni and feel that people are less bothered about “stuff” these days. The more people I talk to (and myself included) it seems that we want fewer things of better quality – things that will last and that we’ll hand down to our kids.


5. They were a bugger to make!

OK, so all of the above is all very worthy (and all very valid to HTD) but at the end of the day the mugs were a bugger!


We know that the mugs have been brilliant for lots of reasons. They make a great gift, are a great price and are functional too! We know you’ll miss them but fear not! As always I have a head bursting with ideas of wonderful new products that you’ll (hopefully) love and will sit better with us and with you.


Cycling gift - cycling coaster - gift for a cyclist - bike gift


Our coasters  are definitely staying as are our notebooks!  And of course we’re continuing to grow our mainstay of prints and cards.

We think you’ll understand our reasoning. More than that we think you’re here reading this because we’re all on a similar journey and as a result feel you’ll agree and support us.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. And in the mean time you can shop the website knowing that our products are as responsible as they can be.




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