The Wonder of Gloworm Festival

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The Wonder of Gloworm Festival


For those of you who came to the Gloworm Festival this year I think you will agree it was a thing of wonder!


In it’s second year now this festival, designed for little people and their grown-ups, is a one of a kind. I’m a bit biased of course as I do the artwork for the festival (see below) but I wouldn’t tell porkies – it truly is a gem!

Set in the glorious surroundings of Clumber Park this new festival is my favourite.


©HelenaTyce 2017

“Why’s it so good?” I hear you cry! This is why…


  • It’s the perfect size – not too big not too small. Big enough to have to never run out of things to do, small enough to feel safe and for bigger kids to roam around safely and feel all grown up, like.
  • The entertainment is not only top notch but great for the grown up’s too – happy grown ups, happy kids. Andy Day was particularly fantastic this year as were S Club and my absolute favourites, The Cuban Brothers!

Yes – it’s a man in his pants. And his roller skating, break-dancing buddies – AKA the Cuban Brothers


  • There’s lots of good food to eat – anything from Pad Thai to ,your usual festival fayre of burgers and churros. And candy floss. And ice-cream. And a yummy fruit stall. And a Bus  that’s a bar. And a bar that’s a bar that looks like it’s in the Wild West. And of course – they’re all local businesses so you know when you put your hand pin your pocket you’re investing in your local economy. Thats a win win in my book!
  • I had a stall and got to meet lots of Glowormers and HTD customers! *waves*.


  • There is always a loo when you need one and the loo’s always have loo roll (massive festival tick!).
  • There is lots to do for all age groups from being very little (soft play, sand pits, meet and greet etc) through to bigger kids with the brand new Hive area (caving, climbing, DJ’ing, street art).


  • There’s a free fair. Go on the waltzers as many times as you like. Our longest queuing time was about 10 mins so not bad at all! I even got me Mam and Sister on with us!!

  • There’s an after dark bit now with cinema and disco.
  • There were Morris Dancers. This made me feel happy, smiley and nostalgic.
  • I met Rusty Lee – my childhood hero – and she was as awesome in real life as she was on the tele!

  • I met up with lots of incredible women entrepreneurs and friends – Rebecca McGlone (she of much organisation of the Gloworm Festival), Kelly Steven’s (Go Bake), Jude Winwood (Beat Feet) and Theresa Cookson (Bell Tent Adventures) to name but a few. Most inspiring!

All in all it was a truly awesome weekend – roll on Gloworm 2018 so we can do it all again!



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