The F Word and Why we need to tackle it

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The F Word and Why we need to tackle it

Isn’t it amazing how we can function on a day to day basis and really have very little idea what is really going on in our heads.

Take this example – I have an A board for the studio. The purpose is to let people know that the studio is open and they are welcome to come in and buy goodies. The a board says “Open” and “Cards, prints & Gifts”. It does not give intimate details about me or embarrassing facts. It does not say “Inside this studio is a 45 year old woman whose hair is pretty white under the dye and who loves Dua Lipa (all true).

But I have such a problem putting this board out! So much so that it stays inside the studio a lot of the time.


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I hadn’t really considered what this was all about until today. So I did. And I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s about the “F” word. Fear. I find putting myself out there really scary. What if people come in and don’t like what they see? What if the board looks rubbish? What if it doesn’t entice anyone in at a all? What if no-on likes my stuff?! Yes these are all real live thoughts from my mad brain!!! And all being fuelled by being terrified!

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But it’s taken me all these years to acknowledge this. And the only way I’ve managed to figure out what is stopping me is by stopping and actually thinking what is going on. Connecting with feelings which I can often identify as fear. Only then can I see them for what they really are – just thoughts generated by my mad head and not actually based in any kind of reality! And then I can challenge them.

What if no one comes in? That’s OK – it’s not everyone’s thing and maybe I need to advertise more or get a bigger board (gulp!)

What if I look like a fool? It’s unlikely that people will think me foolish. People generally aren’t that mean and I’m doing my best.

What if no one likes my stuff? That’s OK too – not everyone will!

What if I fail? Well, to be honest Tyce, you will. We will all “fail” at things and that’s where the learning happens surely?

So I’m starting to try and be a bit more brave and to start to 1) acknowledge these thoughts and b) challenge them.

What are you doing to be brave this week? How are you tackling your fears? Let’s start a conversation in the comments and see if we can’t learn from each other…And remember – Be brave, be bold and BE YOU!


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  1. Helena Tyce

    Thanks Paula -I wonder what somewhere in between would be? Open but feeling a bit nervous?!

  2. Paula Sharratt

    Brilliant: you’re right maybe you need something between open and not open, perhaps that’s part of the new retailing too? Maybe you really want to re define what the open for business actually means. Who could blame you?

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