8 Easy Creative Activities your kids Will Love

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8 Easy Creative Activities your kids Will Love

It’s school holidays all the way at age moment and while there are lots of great clubs out there we also love spending time at home with the kids.

Naturally I turn to creative pursuits for entertain my two (who are 7 and 9 now) and I thought I;d share some of our top creative activities with you.

And don’t worry if you haven’t got kids – lots of these are really enjoyable what ever age you are! Get stuck in, get mucky and enjoy!


  1. SLIME! This has been number one for some time in our house and we can spend hours playing with different consistences and combos! Add food colouring, glitter, polystyrene beads out of old toys and you’ve got hours of gooey fun ahead of you! www.thebestideasforkids.com have a a great recipe!


2. Garden Scavenger Hunt – completely free and a source of much joy for kids is the scavenger hunt! Make it and outdoors one and add in snails and buds, rough and smooth stones and different colours and you’ve got happy children!

3. Pebble painting is always a hit in our house. Pick up some pebbles for free while you’re out and about. Professional pebble painters might need an entire sack which you can get from the DIY store! Then set about them with anything at all you have around the house. Pens, paint, glue, googley eyes, nail varnish – you name it. And for a bit of extra fun why not make a themed rock family? Star Wars goes down well as does Alice in Wonderland, winnie the Pooh, Zoo animals, Avengers or Little Mix! There are lots of lovely ideas and examples on Pinterest like these lovely bits of fruit!

rock painting

And better still when you’ve finished you can hide them and search for other peoples!

4. Animation! This is massive in our house and apps like “I Can Animate”  and “iMovie” are great for experimenting with although you can just use the camera on your phone for ease. Better still you can spend some time making little sets with the kids too – space, jungle, gig, cheerleading arena, zoo – they’ve all been done at our house and the results are lots of fun!

5. Cornflour & water. Yep – you heard right! This is the 1970’s version of slime. It’s very easy and so much fun and actually quite therapeutic to play with. Mix cornflour with water and batch it up to make different colours. Then get a big tray out and play. SO MUCH FUN!

6. Fimo – we love a bit of clay in our house and this stuff which you bake in the over is great for making beads and tiny animals and little things that you might need for your animations (see above). Pop a little fitting on it and you can make it into badge or necklace!

The days of disinhibition!


7. Leaf rubbing. Easy as and lots of fun. Where you’re done you can cut them out and make a picture.

8. No-sew sock bunnies. We’re looking forward to making these over the May Half term and will let you know how we get on!


Have fun, get messy and let me know if you have any favourite creative activities you’d like to share with us!

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