Wonderful Mother’s Day ideas which are full of love

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Mother’s day is about love right? And gratitude? But hands up if you feel a tad uncomfortable about the commercial nature of gifting occasions like Mother’s Day? My hand is up. Even though I run a business that depends on people buying gifts and cards it feels like it’s become a bit of a commercial racket these days.

Mother’s Day started back in 1908 when  Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother who had passed away. She wanted to honour her mother who had been a peace activist who cared for wounded soldiers on both sides of the Civil War. Anna wanted to continue the wonderful work that her mother had started. She wanted to set aside a day to honour all mothers, believing that a mother is “the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world”



Anna Jarvis started Mother’s Day back at the turn of the century.

What a wonderful thing to do and what an incredibly inspiring Mum to have! But it wasn’t long before card companies latched on and commercialised Mother’s Day. This did not make Anna happy one bit and she protested and organised boycotts saying that the true meaning is the appreciation of our mothers. She felt strongly that this should be expressed through hand-written notes and cards and not through commercial products like the cards below.

Fast forward a hundred years. Isn’t it great that we have a date to honour and appreciate our Mums? Like Anna, I believe that we should remember the true meaning of why we have Mother’s Day. If possible we should avoid the rushed flowers from the petrol station forecourt. Here is my top 10 ideas for (not too commercial and creative) Mother’s Day:

  1. Make a card. You don’t have to have mad art skills for this. Bring out your inner child and draw a flower. The point is it doesn’t have to be perfect.
  2. If the above seems too big then have a go at one of my Mini-Masterpiece cards. You’re still drawing but the card is ready made so you don’t have to hunt about for a piece of card!
  3. Give her a lie in! Seriously this is THE best treat for a Mum. Particularly if you get a couple of hours to yourself in the house alone!
  4. Make a slap up brekkie – freestyle or ask Mum what she fancies. See my previous blog for excellent ideas if you’re stuck for inspiration.
  5. Organise a day out. Maybe a National Trust place or just a walk down the canal. Pack a picnic (that Mum doesn’t have to plan in advance!) and enjoy some time together.
  6. Remember Mums who aren’t here anymore. Write them a card anyway – you’re still grateful of everything they did for you even though they aren’t here to tell. It’s a really tough day for people who’ve lost their Mum – the amazing Gary Andrews (@GaryScribbler) writes and sketches are his experience of being a widower – do have a read over on Twitter or Instagram. It’s truly beautiful and every day he keeps the memory of his late wife, Joy, alive with wonderful sketches and insights. 
  7. Have a conversation with a Mum that you might not get on well with. Tell her you love her even if things are tricky. Because chances are you do regardless of any water under the bridge. Childline has some encouragement on this topic.
  8. Give Mum the gift of time. Do some jobs for her and tell her to put her feet up and read that book she’s been wanting to get stuck into. Or buy her favourite newspaper and leave her to it for an hour.
  9. Keep the tea flowing.
  10. Cook her tea and clear away (a true joy!)

Mother's Day helena Tyce

My “Mummy You’re the Best” card before and after!


I’d love to know what would make your chops smile this Mother’s Day. Any of the above? None of them? Or are you hoping for a huge pressie or a beautiful artisan bunch of blooms? If you are then please drop hints for them to come from Freddies Flowers. Why? Lots of reasons not just because he started off delivering his flowers in a milk float or that his surname is Garland!

Leave a comment below and have a truly lovely Mother’s Day what ever you are doing.


Helena x


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