Why my new website means so much to me

Today is a very exciting day. Today the new website is launched! “What’s all the fuss about – its just a new website” I hear you cry! Well, it’s like this. This year has seen me having a little bit of an epiphany (see previous blog post “The Real Reason I Do This”. I’ve finally nailed why I do what I do. And the website is the final piece of the jigsaw.

Image courtesy of Sara Hazeldene Photography

What I’m hoping is that when you log on now you’ll be able to see that first and foremost I’m and artist and illustrator. I don’t buy the stuff in or sell other people’s work. As my lovely Dad used to tease me “it’s all my own work”!

And secondly I’m hoping that’s it’s now clear that I do what I do because I’ve realised that there is comfort to be had in connecting with people. And when I create something that resonates, brings a smile or a memory or empowers them that this makes me very happy. And it makes other people happy too. We’re all winners you see!

Call me a needy nightmare if you will but even if I ditched my desire for approval and grew a strong internal locus of control (unlikely at the age of 46) I would still want to enable people to foster these connections.

So go forth and have a look round – I’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you hop over to the Facebook Page you’ll find a little competition that you can enter to win a framed print!

Thank you as always for reading,

Helena x

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