Why Ethical? International Happiness at Work Week

It’s International Happiness at Work Week! And who doesn’t want to be happy at work? After all, here in the UK, we spend on average about 13 years of our lives there!

Ethical gifting
Me doing the concentrating thing at work

Bullying, the culture of a long working week and poor management can all add to the stress of work here in the UK. We’re lucky here in so much as we have laws to protect us, contracts, stringent health and safety and a minimum wage. But there are plenty of places in the world where dangerous working conditions, extremely long hours, poor pay and child labour are still happening.

Which is why one of the core values here at Helena Tyce Designs is “do no harm” and by this we mean no harm to other people (where ever in the world they are), the planet or animals.

We ethically source where ever we possibly can, We pay more for bio-degradable cello bags to reduce our single-use plastic consumption. We don’t buy products and materials in that we know have been manufactured super-cheaply abroad. Remember that old saying “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is”. Good for you but not good for someone on the other side of the world.

And we buy where ever we can locally. Our cards are printed in Nottingham and we print all of our fine art prints at the studio in Sneinton, Nottingham.

dinosaur print for children's bedroom
Printed here in Nottingham

It means that sometimes our stuff is a little bit dearer than picking up a card of gift in the supermarket but we know that you guys get it. Need a little gift? Yes, our coasters are £3.95 and not £2.95 but heres the thing. They’re made in Lincolnshire from sustainable materials. And we think you would rather support a business that charges a tiny bit more but operates in an ethical and conscious way than not.

Gift for Mum gift under five pounds
Made in Lincolnshire using sustainable materials

I’m making assumptions here though folks… Let me know – would you rather pay a tiny bit more to support doing no harm?