Why do we run? The real reasons (including the bacon sarnies)

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One question I very occasionally get asked about running is. Why do you run?


Much to my disappointment, people don’t ask it in a ‘why do you run – is it because it connects the physical, mental and spiritual parts of your being’ – kind of way? Or ‘why do you run, do you find recharges your soul and revitalises the inner you?’


No, it’s more a – ‘why do you run, I mean really why? Look the state of you’ kind of a way.

More of a, ‘you’ve gone a really strange purple colour, do you want me to ring someone,’ kind- of-a-way.


We’re I able to respond, (through the dizziness) I might say something like this.



I didn’t start running  because I like running. I started running because I like cake and, alcohol and bacon sandwiches on a Saturday morning with a runny egg, and, well, you can’t have everything. So yes I started running for the usual reasons vanity, health and because lots of celebrities seemed to be doing it. (Go on deny it!)


That said, I’m not sure yet if I’d even call myself ‘a runner.’ Do my half-hearted jogs down the canal towpath actually make me ‘a runner.’  But whether I am or not, my occasional scampers/trots, staggers have given me a bit of an insight into why people, especially when they get to -I’ll whisper it – middle age run.


Yes, obviously there’s the vanity and the health but run hard and long enough, run through the pain, and the sweat and the feeling that someone’s put a hot poker down your oesophagus and after that, and if you’re still conscious there’s what I can only call a high or a buzz. I’m not there yet but I can see this nirvana stage hovering somewhere in the distance.


With this in mind, I have listed what I think are, or will be the 7 stages in my running story. You never know they might be yours.  I’m currently at number 4.


Stage 1. What am I doing? What do I look like? Well there only from Primark so it doesn’t really matter if I don’t stick at it. Now where can I go where I’m not likely to see anyone?


Stage 2.  12.15 I’m running 12.30 I’m home. It was a bit wet/dark/hot/cold/painful/windy.


Stage 3. I’m running again.  But it’s still awful. And I have all these things to deal with and now I haven’t got the time or the energy to deal with them because I’ve been bloody running. And I think I’ve strained something – that’s it – where’s that yoga leaflet.


Stage 4: I’m running again. It’s still awful but I can’t find a yoga class. And besides it’s free.


Stage 5: I think I do actually feel better for that.


Stage 6: That was a terrible day at work think I need to go for a run.


Stage 7: I only run for the buzz man it’s where I generate all my best ideas….


Keep running and recharging. And if you need a little inspiration then check out our run range. Penned by the good husband, Mr Corbett – it certainly gets me out on days when I’m not feeling it!

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