Small Business Saturday – so what?

It’s Small Business Saturday on the 7th December. This campaign has been slowly growing momentum over the years and works hard to champion independent, small businesses in the UK.

Which is brilliant because we’re in the middle of a small business revolution. We’re seeing how wonderful it is to go into a shop for the experience. Taste the chocolate, feel the scarf, smell the soap. And most importantly here – talk to the person who made it. Find out why they did, what’s the story? How did they do it?

I go to Blend Cafe at Sneinton Market not just because the coffee is amazing. The coffee is amazing. But the vibe is great, the music is always good, the staff are lovely and it has reading material that speaks to me. I get excellent value for money in Blend in lots of ways over and above my daily cappuccino!

Blend cafe, coffee

So how can us little shops offer customers a great experience? Well, for starters we are there right in front of you to help. Not sure about something? Ask us. Not sure which card to go for for Uncle Brian? We’ll be happy to help. More than that I can even whip up something personalised while you wait. When you come to the studio we’ll probably be listening to some excellent sounds which invariably triggers off conversations. About music? Yes. But also about all manner of other nostalgia that the music fires up. Often you’ll be able to see us printing, painting and making so you can see the entire process of your product from start to finish. Its like a little club of like minded folk and it’s fab.

So this Small Business Saturday Sneinton Market Avenues will be buzzing with open studios. Come down and chat to the actual real life people who dream up the ideas and create the stuff. There’ll be amazing chocolate at Luiza’s, beautiful interiors gifts at Olivia Aspinal Studio, hand dyed beauty at Maggies Studio, plants galore at the Watered Garden and a host of goodies at the shop. All with our stories to tell. There’ll be bargains at my studio and things for sale you won’t get anywhere else!

And no end of opportunities to shop small creative businesses, make a difference to the economy and gift something really thoughtful this Christmas.

See you down there! x