Open all hours? Female entrepreneurs and childcare

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Let’s talk about opening hours…I started the business partly for flexibility around my two kids. Running your own business means that you can be there when they are ill, attend assemblies, learning events and all manner of other child-related wonderfulness that won’t last forever.

I love being a Mum and very much want to be involved and present for all of these things. OK, there might be some mild moaning at times (standing in direct sunshine for several hours trying to avoid the Mum’s race!) but generally speaking, I loves it!

That said, being a fully involved Mum does, I guess, mean that the business takes a hit at times. Particularly at this time of year when sports days and athletic events abound! And there is only one of me so if I’m with the kids the studio will be shut.

What does this say about me as an entrepreneur and small business owner? Does it look shoddy? Lacking commitment? These are all worries that run through my head when I’m being pulled in different directions. Are there ways round? Often no, Mr Tycebert has very little flexibility (?interest?!!) in these things so they are seen as my responsibility. Is there someone else to sit in the studio for me? Again, no. Unfortunately, there isn’t the cash in the business to employ someone in that way at the moment. So for now I’m either in one place or another.

Which is why I’m talking about it so people know I’m not being work-shy. I’m not having a massive lie in or chipping off early for a swim or other such delights. And I’m also talking about it because I know I’m not alone.

So if I’m not at the studio bear with me. It’s a dead cert that I’ll be pedalling like the fury, either to or from school!

How do you keep on top of this? Do you think having set hours and a traditional job make this easier to manage? Will we ever have any control over these things?

relax nothing is under control print
Relax – we’re never going to have it under control

I’d love to know your thoughts. In the meantime, if you’re making a special trip down to the studio please do message or give me a tinkle on 0115 8373740 to make sure I’m in.

And if you’re in the same boat stretched between work and kids responsibilities then I’m giving you permission – nay I’m telling you – to go easy on yourself. Be kind to yourself. I know without any detail that you;re doing a brilliant job.

Keep powering on y’all! x

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