Online Shopping & Guilt – Just Buy the Flipping Shoes!

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I’ve been wanting to buy these shoes for quite a few weeks now ever since I spotted them with my beady eye online. My current shoes (which I wear daily) are knackered. There – holey pumps are reason enough for new shoes surely? But no, they aren’t cheap and it’s fallow times. So the shoes ain’t gonna happen.


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Segue to work. I’ve been having a bit of a creative block recently. So I’ve decided to read “The Artists’ Way” by Julia Cameron. Julia advocates (as many do) free writing to ease through creative blocks and overcome self-criticism. The writing is supposed to be raw and unstructured, possibly tapping into your sub-conscious. I’m a deep, creative being so I’m expecting deep, creative content.


Julia Cameron - the artists way


So what do I write about? The bloody shoes. Apparently this is the ONLY thing on my mind right now at this moment. I am not a deep and creative being at all. I’m a slightly vacuous and vain creature. So out it comes – I write about how much I want the shoes, how the shoes will improve my life (they are gorgeous and having beautiful things around you makes you happy). I write about being broke and not having money for these wonderful shoes but how I must still have them. I write about my complete lack of self control, my ability to not be able to to say no to myself and about my vanity.


In fact when I’ve finished writing I’ve worked myself into a fix. I feel bad about wanting the shoes and bad about not being able to have them. So I have a word with myself and it goes a bit like this “Just buy the f**king shoes”! Because, I figure that banging the shoes on the credit card will create a lot less grief for me. And will, of course, provide all the dreamy, happy shopping vibes that I crave. And, of course, they’ve got a little plaited feature which means ventilation!


I would like to have said that my free writing brought me creative discovery and enlightenment. But it brought me new shoes. Tomorrow is a new day for writing and creativity and I will have a wonderful bounce in my step!


Oh go on then, here they are. Totally worth all the teeth gnashing don’t you think?


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