Nevertheless She Persisted

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If you’re anything like me then you’ll be a fan of a podcast. Not any old podcasts but smart ones from which you can learn from. Better still if they have you wetting your pants with laughter which Deborah Frances-White’s The Guilty Feminist does on a weekly basis.

Brought to my attention this week was the meme “Nevertheless she persisted” which despite only appearing a couple of months ago is now emblazoned across scores of female forearms and chests in the form of tattoos and t-shirts.

Why so? Well it’s all to do with Senator Elizabeth Warren who was silenced from continuing her speech by fellow Senator Mitch McConnell – seemingly because he didn’t really like what she was saying.

Senator McConnell, in his defence, said “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted” and the expression immediately went viral. It resonated with women across the globe who’d experienced being shushed or quietened in one form or another.

Now what ever our feelings about this, our gender or political leaning isn’t it a marvellous phrase? Doesn’t to remind us to persist, nevertheless. Regardless of whether we are being told to shush or not. And regardless of how that shushing occurs as it happens in many ways.

Short and sweet today – I leave you with a gift. The image below is for you. It’s for your daughters, your Mum, your auntie or your sister. It’s for you to print out and stick on your desk, wardrobe, fridge as a daily reminder to persist, nevertheless. And don’t be shushed.

And do yourself a favour – tune into The Guilty Feminist – you won’t be disappointed!


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