My Top 5 Mother’s Day Songs

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My top 5 Mother’s Day Songs

Music has taken me through some of my absolute worst and best times since I was wee. If I feel joyous the right track (Donny Trumpet perhaps) can make me almost burst. If I’m fragile just the first bars of, say, Oscillate Wildy can have me in an immediate heap.


Being a Mum, feeling all that love and inevitably self doubt (I have NO idea what I’m doing here) just compounds the emotion. Suddenly there are new, raw feelings to be had fuelled by crazy hormones.


So here are My Top 5 Mother’s Day Songs. Grab a cup of tea, send everyone to the park and take half an hour to yourself!

  1. The Bones of You by Elbow  (2012)

Released in 2008 this album was well worn by the time our first child, a little girl, came along on the 2nd August. I would sit feeding my little bundle until she dropped off into a milk induced stupor and that was me for the afternoon. So I’d listen to music watching her little face, her chest rising and falling, the perfect bow of her lips. And this became our anthem, particularly the lines “And I can’t move my arm, For the fear that you will wake, And it’s you and it’s me, And we’re sleeping through the day”.


My little charge & me in the early days

2. Gracie – Ben Fold Five (2005)

I still can’t listen to this without welling up. As our little girl grew up we started doing all sorts of exciting things together – one of which was our first music group. Rattle and Roll gave us an hour to shake our stuff, listen to cool tunes and hang out with our bezzies – Sammy and little Charlie. This was one of them and I don’t think there was ever a dry mum eye in the house when it came on. Particularly the line “Life flies by in seconds, You’re not a baby Gracie, you’re my friend”. And indeed she was.

3. Kooks – David Bowie (1971)

Another child came along, this time a gorgeous boy, and our crazy family was complete. We’d listen to children’s songs but also to plenty of soul, ska, funk, rock, hip hop and country. And this became our anthem as we educated the kids in the ways of doing your own thing, always.

You know you’ve gone too far with fancy dress when your own children are terrified of you!

4. Poor Mum – Molly Drake

This hauntingly beautiful song was recorded by his Molly Drake (Nick’s Drake’s Mum) before Nick even released his first album, Five Leaves left. It wasn’t made public, however until many years later with the release of “Family Ties” – a compilation of songs recorded at the family home in Tanworth-in-Arden. Despite Nick claiming the fame there was incredible musicality within his family, not least Molly who lyrics are devastatingly sad.

Poor mum
Poor mum
Where did you take a wrong turning
Poor mum
Poor mum
Pack up that last little yearning
Pack it away with the books and the toys
Silent and bound
Silent and mend
Go out and grab at you life and forget
You are poor, poor mum

It speaks very clear to me about missed opportunities of our mothers and reminds me just how lucky we are now to be able to follow our aspirations and dreams quite freely.

5. Homeward Bound Simon & Garfunkel

Simon & Garfunkel was a big part of growing up in the Tyce. household and this is a must have listen as I travel home via Gainsborough, past smokey chimneys and on to Scunthorpe. Although I left `Scunthorpe when I was eighteen it still remains very much home to me and I’m a proud Scunthorpian.

So there you have it – my little Mother’s Day edit. I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow what ever you’re doing. And if you have you’re own favourites I’d love to hear them – just post in the comments below.

Happy Mother’s Day x

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