Mental Health Awareness Day – Free Gift

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Mental Health Awareness Day

Mental health is a bugger isn’t it? Just when you think you’re on an even keel up it keeps and whips the carpet from under your trotters.

My warning signs are irritability, exhaustion and over sleeping, anhedonia, poor concentration and red, sore eyes.

Sometimes I catch it before it’s gone too far, sometimes not.

To try and stay on an even keel I’ve learnt there are quite a few things I can do to help myself. So I’ve made a little poster which is stuck up in the house to remind me or the things I need to do to stay well. It’s my wellness plan.

So here it is – I’m sharing it with you because I think these things help everyone whether you currently enjoy good mental health or not.

I’ve purposely left gaps for you to add your own wellness activities.

This little plan is available as a free download in support of #WorldMentalHealthDay so please print, stick it on your fridge and share away.

I’m always trying to create images that are uplifting and supportive, particularly if you’re having a hard time. Like our “Be You” Monster Print which I created when my little girl was struggling at school. It’s a message we always promote in the Tyce household and an important one too!

Our range of “Mum Life” pins were designed to help Mums to feel like they were winning! we’re all in the same boat. No need to compare or be overwhelmed by perfect photos on Instagram!

And our “Thinking of You” card is one to have in at all times because there will always be someone you know who will appreciate you thinking of the.

Staying well in this busy time can be a challenge but we can do it! Take the time to do one of the things on the poster every day and see how you go. If you’re feeling brave do 2 (or 3!).

If you’re feeling the love please share the poster below. It’s a free gift from me to you and who ever else might benefit from having it. Put it as a screen saver on your phone. Stick it on the fridge. Give it to a cherished friend.

And let me know what other things you love to do that keeps you well.

Helena x



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