It’s Going To Be OK (Summer Holidays Pep Talk)

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It’s going to be OK. Really it is. Trust me.

If you’re anything like me (school age kids and a job) you’ll be spinning a lot of crockery right now.

Some of them, undoubtedly, will end up on the floor. There will be lost party invites, children in their uniforms on civvies day and you’ll be working a general glazed expression at work.

And if you’re anything like me you will be giving yourself a hard time about these smashed plates. Anywhere from a moderate but brief telling off through to the full hair shirt depending on where about the moon is that day.

Well I’m here to tell you (and me) that it is OK. It is inevitable to drop a few things, after all you’re carrying a lot of stuff right now, right?

It’s going to be OK. People really don’t mind if you’re forgetting things, are late or get things wrong. Because we’re all human and more importantly, we’re all in the same boat.

So hang the hair shirt up, take no notice of you Mum or MIL who thinks you should be a flawless, patient, perfect being. And have a go at these instead:

  1. Download the “Headspace” app. I give you permission to take a whole 15 minutes to yourself every single day to do a little bit of meditation or breathing and reset to zero. It’s the best thing you can do and will help keep the shoutings at bay.
  2. Read Ruby Wax’s new book “A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled”. Self explanatory. Plus Ruby is hilarious so you get some endorphins pumping round at the same time.
  3. Be kind to other Mum’s at this time. If they look confused, are half dressed or a bit squabbly give them a smile. Or a cake if you’ve got one squirrelled away in your pocket. Best of all hand out some hugs.

Image courtesy of Mari Andrew

  1. Ditch perfection. It ain’t ever going to be perfect and least so at a time like now. No one really knows what there doing – we’re all just pretending to be grown ups.
  2. Listen to this loudly and do exactly as the man says. I don’t think it’s explicit but then you’re going to need that conversation at some point anyway…

Follow these 5 easy steps and I guarantee you’ll be OK. School uniform acquisition will become pain free and those invites you forget – well – it’s one less present to have to buy – cross that one off the list too!

Sending strength and love,

Helena x




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